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A typical septic system requires a variety of services and materials in order to meet your provincial code and to ensure that it functions correctly for a long time.  K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. offers both the expertise, land clearing and grading, landscaping and earth products required for a septic system, directly from our pits and quarries.

We offer end-to end services for your septic project regardless if it is a new septic system or an overhaul to an existing one.  Following your septic system plan, we will excavate, backfill and landscape the septic area with the appropriate earth, sand and soils.

Depending on your requirements our certified and experienced staff will do a complete site preparation from clearing and mulching trees, excavation to hold the septic tank, levelling for disposal field, delivering and preparation of earth products that meet specifications, removing excess earth and rocks, and finish up your project with levelling and landscaping.

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Typical Earth Products required for a Septic System

Sod to ensure that excess surface water is absorbed or evaporated slowly to avoid erosion of soils.

Clean local fill and/or imported sand fill allows oxygen and gases to pass through the disposal field. We ensure that the sand fill meets specifications for size and permeability.

Crushed rock is required to surround and protect the pipe, and stores and distributes the effluent over the disposal area.

Filter sand is used to provide a biological cushion between the sand and crushed rock.  We ensure that the correct sand is used to meet specifications for size and permeability.

Natural soil to act as the final filter to remove harmful organisms before the effluent reaches groundwater.

Our experienced machine operators have the expertise to access and prepare sites in limited or confined areas.  If you need help with your septic system project give K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. a call.  We will work with you to ensure that your project is completed to specifications at a reasonable price.




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