Road Construction

All road construction projects require experienced Supervisors, skilled general labourers and qualified equipment operators.

K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. utilizes heavy equipment from their own fleet, ranging from excavators, backhoes, graders, loaders, packers, rollers, aggregates and dump trucks to ensure end-to-end road construction services.

In addition to a our skilled workforce and the proper equipment, we can also provide aggregates and earth products from our own quarry and pits.

We understand the importance of meeting budget and time constraints.

Our End-to-End Road Construction Services Include

  • ditch maintenance
  • culvert maintenance and replacement
  • erosion control
  • brush cutting
  • shoulder repair
  • washout repairs
  • excavation trenching for utilities such as hydro and water sewers
  • grading
  • subgrading
  • fine grading
  • hauling

Site Preperation

Preparing a site for your construction project requires a dedicated team of professionals with the utilization of a variety of equipment and materials to ensure that the job is done right.

K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. has a vast array of specialized equipment, skilled labour and heavy equipment operators, and supply aggregates, sands and other earth products from our own quarries and pits.


Our skilled equipment operators use equipment such as tub grinders and backhoes to completely clear rubbish, rocks, brush and trees from the site.

Depending on the situation, we are able to haul away excess debris and earth products or use our tub grinder to prepare organic debris to be used for landscaping your site. On sites where pre-existing structures exist, we are able to demolish and truck the materials to our facilities.

Rough Grading

Working to your engineering plan we will prepare the desired grade level. Excess earth products will be situated to a desired location for reuse in backfill and erosion control.


Our large array of heavy equipment will be used to excavate basements, water and sewer ditches, trenches for utilities, and septic systems. Excess earth products will be situated to a desired location for reuse in backfill and erosion control.

Erosion Control

Where necessary we will prepare and utilize materials to minimize erosion and to prevent runoff from the cleared land from carrying mud to adjacent roads and property. This may involve using aggregates and sand products from our own quarry and pits.

Backfilling and Finish Grading

Our skilled labour force combined with heavy equipment will backfill, using the excess earth products reserved for this purpose. We are able to haul the excess earth products away or use them in other applications such as berms and landscaping features. The finish grade on your property will be completed to your engineering specifications.


We are able to provide the necessary earth products from our quarry and pits for use in landscaping, road and driveway construction. Please visit our Aggregates page for full details on the variety of aggregates and earth products available.

K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. has successfully completed site preparation for land developers in the private and public sectors. Contact K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd. for an estimate on your next site preparation project.




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