Recycled Auto Parts

European Speedway Auto Parts is a subsidiary of K. Mulrooney Trucking Ltd conveniently located in Kingston Ontario. You know from experience that searching for quality foreign and domestic automotive parts is tedious. Once you locate a source for high quality auto parts, you may discover that they are too expensive.  You may want to settle for the less expensive but then you find that the auto parts are sub standard.

At European Speedway Auto Parts, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or cost.  When we dismantle an auto for recycling, the experienced auto mechanics examine all parts to ensure that they meet our high standards. We are dedicated to reselling auto parts and quality used tires that contribute to customer satisfaction for appearance and performance.

European Auto Parts have a wide selection of new and used automotive parts and quality tires for sale and are one of the largest foreign and domestic auto parts dealers in Eastern Ontario.

If you are looking for foreign or domestic auto parts, or quality used tires, contact European Speedway Auto Parts at (613) 546-1957, for details on our huge inventory and full line of new & used auto parts and tires. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right parts for your car and budget.

What happens to the other parts?

We are members of the Ontario Tire Stewardship.  We ensure that tires picked up, dropped off or taken from the vehicles we buy, are resold or recycled.  We are committed to diverting tires from burning or landfills in an environmentally friendly manner.  Tires that are still safe can be resold for reuse and scrap tires that are no longer safe are sent to recycling plants to be reused in other materials.  If you want to learn more about Ontario Tire Stewardship Program visit Ontario Tire Stewardship.

This is another way that we are contributing to keeping our world greener.

Do you have an Auto for Recyle?

If you have a vehicle to recycle give us a call. European Speedway will come to you with the right equipment to pick up and deliver your vehicle to our facility. How convenient is that?  You get money for the vehicle and you don’t even have to worry about bringing it to us.




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